As I was giving Solange comfort knowing she had traveled so far away to Austin, TX from her hometown in Cameroon for desperately needed medical care (tetralogy of fallot), it left me thinking and comparing the state of children how they played etc who dont have access to doctors and facilities that can give them the proper medical treatments.

There are so many children who dont have access to proper education, health care and … and their chances of thriving and living in live are reduced O have participated so Young in a project that gave access

Having had the opportunity to see Solange, haver he heart repaired , live like like a normal girl and see her self esteem shoot back up.

From a very young age, I realized that a smile could make a difference is a young child’s life and could help ease the anxiety of any pain, ie. open heart surgery. From that experience in 2003 birthed a passionate commitment and a love for saving humanity, changing lives and empowering communities and the world through education, health and ….

ept coming through my mind i was really fortunate. the i was immediately heart broken as i saw the amount of work that had to be done and the terrible state in which these children had to go to school. heading
all can be done by taking action so i could turn my back or take action. first thing to do was start by the most the latrine x water x health as well as for the infrastructure. back to school it pours cats and dogs. how can children’s sit in classes

There are so many children across the world that don’t have access to healthcare and the life expectancy is very short.

Not only do I tramsit my love by the necessary basic needs, but equally with hugs, dance and gifts because every child, no matter where they are born in the world deserves a christmas gift right?!

To provide a so many children happy healthy lives.
We partner with mission minded people and organization across the world. because were such a small organiwatio, eevrydollar i raise goes to the children. There are so many ways to assists with us! giving them something to look forward to. being active with children is important. hands on

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