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Zacchaeus N’gouah-N’gally

Born and raised in Austin, TX, my first trip was in 2003 where my humanitarian and charity adventure started and has not stopped ever since. This venture has helped over 5000 children in Africa and has awarded me the title of GLOBAL CITIZEN by the organization itself. 

Very young, my mom introduced me to technology and expected me to perform and give results from the age of 2. Thanks to Youtube and of course trial and error, I have now become an avid iPhoneographer, being able to capture high end musical events and tours such as the FORMATION WORLD TOUR and GLOBAL CITIZEN FESTIVAL or the innocent smiles of children or even capture the yawn of my dog, Sarah.

As I travel around the world (15 countries to date- and eager to go to more), I absorb the style trends and cultures as I go through the foods and people I am blessed to meet and call FRIENDS.

I’m mostly known for the renowned TEDDY BEAR, my love for the color periwinkle and eating deep fried plantains (a meal which my MOM is a pro at making!!!), and a forever-to-infinity-and-beyond longtime admirer of JAY-Z and BEYONCÉ

Enjoy my website as you fully immerse yourself in TEDDY’s creative + colorful World.🧸🎰🔮🎢🎡🚀🃏✨🏰🦖

Photo taken on iPhone XR