Astroworld Tour: Wish You Were Here

From the release of the ASTROWORLD EP to SICKO MODE remaining on the summit of BILLBOARD 100 for a straight 4 months, Travis Scott is one of the hottest rappers of our time and let’s just say 2018 has DEFINITELY been his year.

That being said, when he announced his second leg of his WISH YOU WERE HERE Tour in December, I couldn't help but purchase two premium tickets for the Montreal show for my sis and I. I have attended 6 shows (mostly JAY and BEY tours) but I've never attended a pure hip hop tour with all the hype. At the time his show was announced, I was still in Cameroon where I was trying to finalize typing the exams for the children I help sponsor. Once I had finished typing the exams, my mom and I immediately started doing ticket research and we found a great deal; however, I was going to arrive Canada on the same day of the show. I was so ready for that 11000 KM trip and I did it - packed my teddy bear, my tripod equipment and I was On The Run ! I even bumped into one of my mom's friend who is a huge fan of TEDDY and was so eager to take a picture with him as I was connecting from Brussels to Paris!


I definitely knew I had arrived Canada when I felt the winter weather, quite severe, even by Canadian standards - it was minus 6 degrees Fahrenheit (-15 degrees Celsius). I then rushed to purchase an OPUS card (the local transportation pass) and hopped on the bus going to LIONEL-GROIUX which is the terminal allowing the passengers to take the subway. When I arrived at the stop where my sister lives (not disclosing for security reasons), I ran to her apartment complex. She had a friend give me the key at the entrance of the apartment. I took a rapid shower and got dressed as I waited for my sis to come back from work. And sure enough she came in, overjoyed as we hadn’t seen each other for 2 years! We started cackling and laughing so hard that we got carried away and almost missed our UBER ride (complimentary transportation from LANEONE)

The ride was rapid and fun, as we were juggling though memory lane talking about the old times and all the fun we had back in the days.

My sis and I got down from the UBER by the Montreal Bell Center at 7 PM and we saw the huge teddy bear rollercoaster poster and the gold plated inflatable Travis head, we definitely knew we had arrived when the lights flashed across the screen ‘BIENVENUE À ASTROWORLD’

We entered into the Billeterie  to get our tickets however we were very shocked to hear that our tickets had not yet arrived.

‘TRAVIS SCOTT SOLD OUT’ was written emblazoned in big letters across the front. The pre-concert butterflies began to stretch their wings in my stomach. Then, as my eyes drifted down below the billboard, my mouth dropped. I turned to my sister, and she was doing the same.

As we were busy scrambling through the entrance booths, we got a message alerting us that in 5 minutes we would lose our early access tickets. That’s where all the panic started and the running commenced. Panic-stricken and also jet lagged after all that traveling, I contacted LANEONE via the app telling them about our concern for our tickets. 

Only to find out we were at the wrong entrance forcing us to once more run across that snow to finally got to our entry at Mise en Jeu. We passed the security check and were given our tickets and escorted into the elevator which led us to the second floor : the VIP loft. Once there, we were greeted by a wonderful LANEONE host who gave us wristbands, free coat check passes, powerbanks, as well as a card which gave us access to VIP merch and drink lounge. Even Teddy got a wristband!!!!  Thank you LANEONE for the VIP experience

After taking a few selfies around the booths, We then went over to the merch booth where we got to skip the line - i chose the beautiful rainbow hoodie with the TEDDY BEAR patch for obvious reasons.

We were in! And the butterflies were in full force. As we navigated the winding staircase and numerous brightly coloured doors, it felt like we were climbing to the top of the most exhilarating rollercoaster in Universal Studios, a mixture of surging excitement and nervous anticipation pulsing through our veins. We finally reached the bottom of the stage where we moved close to the front of the stage : golden circle .

A little picture before the show began.

A little picture before the show began.

The DJ was playing the Migos hit Bad and Boujee, with the mass of people standing below chanting every word and every ad-lib at the tops of their voices. The buzz of excited energy fizzled through everyone, all waiting eagerly for a ‘Straight up!’ or ‘It’s lit!’ to let us know the man himself was about to prowl onto the stage.

Sheck Wes opened the show with a selection of his hits and ended with Mo Bamba. I was busy scrolling through the whole decor, admiring the setup, the lights, the decor, the rollercoaster theme and taking pictures of course….. Once he left, we quickly scrambled and moved closer to the front of the stage. The entire structure was shaking before the finish of his set, enthusiastic with expectation for Travis Scott to appear.

While I was looking at the mind boggling thrill ride driven stage structure that Travis Scott had made for our survey delight, the field all of a sudden went dim. 

Straight in front of us blasted a video showcasing a somewhat ASTROWORLD theme advert with children happy on all the rides, cotton candy, clowns, ice slashes - basically everything you would find in an amusement park. The video at that point halted and then BOOM out of no where "Stargazing" started with a huge cheer from the audience as Travis Scott popped out from underneath the second piece of his stage. The lighting was stupendous and the fireworks were amazing as the enchantment is simply starting. 

Following a great performance of “Stargazing”La Flame addressed the sold-out BELL CENTRE crowd and then began performing Carousel and NC-17 and Lord Jesus, this being my first pure hardcore hip hop concert , I got to witness the infamous mosh pit and wow! let’s just say that it was rather something INTENSE to watch.

The next section of the show was dedicated to all of the day one fans, with tracks including “Quintana”“Uptown”“Mamacita” and “Don’t Play” being played.

The best thing about Travis' set in general was the vitality dimension of the entire structure for each melody. There was a stretch of the demonstrate that included six straight Astroworld songs, and I don't assume I've at any point heard a field as uproarious as that one seemed to be.

One of the best moments for me personally was when Travis started singing some of my favorite songs from him - BUTTERFLY and LOVE GALORE, a song he featured in by SZA.  Fans shouted each word and bounced all over as the wonderful lights flashed before them. 

Later on in the show, Scott at long last jumped on the thrill ride that was a piece of the stage configuration to perform "Can't Say". The rollercoaster raised La Flame over the group and gradually rode him all through the field. 

To complete off the show, Scott played Antidote and Goosebumps. Each of the songs got a roaring reception from the crowd. And to top it all of,  we all went SICKO MODE reaching for all the ASTROWORLD money they could get (even Teddy got his astrocurrency ) and everyone seem quite happy with how the show turned out as they were leaving.

Travis Scott has a reputation for being one of the best live performers and always having a wild crowd. The atmosphere of the show wasn’t the only thing that was perfect; the setlist, lighting, visual effects and Merch were also top notch. I loved the ambiance and the vibe of the WISH YOU WERE HERE part of the tour and I remain grateful that I got to be part of the experience. 

Last but not least, Teddy got to make some new friends (as always) as everyone wanted to take a picture with him. Someone mistook him as part of exclusive Merch which is understandable, I mean